Born in 1974 in South France, David Gayral knew his life would be dedicated to jewelry creation since he was a child.

After he studied in Paris at Nicolas Flamel Jewelry School, he worked in several jewelry stores and decided to participate in some jewelry design competitions. He was awarded several times for his designs (The New Glamour 1995, Design 2000 1998, European Facet Award 2001, Print'Or 2004).

That 's why he decided to create his first jewelry collection. His employer Mrs Marie Mordin made his project possible through her generous help.

His aim was to create something really new and unusual in the jewelry world. He has created Reality Sculpture Designs, a new type of jewelry showing precious stones portrayed as living entities. For the first time in jewelry, precious stones tell us a real story. Every human emotion can be found in each one of his designs.

A new extraordinary and brilliant adventure has started.

Why don't you come and join him in his world of fantasy ?